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Lawrence Doochin"I Am Therefore I Am is about God's Love and finding that Love in our heart. We were created out of Love, by Love, so that we could be Loved. We are here to remember and recognize that Love. We are not here to acquire more 'stuff'. Recent prosperity books have taught us that thought is creative and that we can manifest abundance. While this is an important step on the path to God, we are meant to go further. Our path is an evolutionary process. This world is a dream, and while we enjoy the material possessions and the perfect job, these give us an illusory happiness. True happiness comes from inside of us and is based on our Oneness with God. Only His Love will fulfill us, and every experience in this dream is meant to bring us back to that recognition along with a remembrance of that Love."

 - Lawrence Doochin

"Lawrence Doochin unlocks the secret to finding our true purpose in life through his revelations. I Am Therefore I Am has been an inspiration to me and my listeners to embrace life in the moment and remember the perfection that exists within us."

- Kimmie Rose Zapf
syndicated radio show host and Author of Wake Up to Your Intuitive Path

"I would highly recommend Lawrence Doochin's book, I am Therefore I am. Its profound messages and words offer refreshing clarity, wisdom and compassion at a deeply intimate level. Instead of more how-to instruction, Doochin's small but powerful book feels almost experiential. As such, his words seem
to open my mind and heart as I read them."

- Katherine Morgan

"Lawrence Doochin reveals a sincerely passionate man, having found his purpose in being a conduit for powerful spiritual messages. Larry has accomplished his own deep emotional healing and now he offers these messages for others to heal. "I AM Therefore I AM", is a guidebook of essential tools for opening the heart."

- Jeff Ferrannini
Host of

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