Lawrence DoochinI'm so grateful you are visiting my website. We are not meeting in person but we are making an energetic connection and that can be equally as powerful.

This website is simple on purpose. Life has so many distractions and bells and whistles, so many people telling us what to do and think, that we can easily get confused and directed in the wrong way. "Be still and know that I am God" gives simple instructions on how we can reveal our true nature. Understanding who we are will lead us to the joy, peace, and love that we all seek. If I am to be of service to you in any way, I hope that my writings and books, especially my latest book A Book On Fear, can help you to see your divinity and how much God loves you.
We are all here at a powerful time in the history of Earth for a reason. It is a difficult time in many ways, but it is also a very blessed and holy time when much can be revealed, and both individually and collectively, we can take a great leap in our evolution.

In addition to my books, you may want to check out The Divine Speaks (, which consists of over 2700 statements given to me. Here you can find out what God wants to tell you. It is especially helpful as we are learning to discern God's voice from the chatter of the world and our own mind.
If you want to hear from me, please sign up on one of the links below. The first link is for The Daily Light which you receive over email and where I post mostly daily statements (basically a type of blog). I can also inform you of any upcoming podcasts or appearances I'm doing through this format. The second link is to join my email list but not receive the daily statements.

I would love to hear from you if you want to email me through the contact form. I can't promise that I will reply, but I will try to read every one. And I can always send a prayer of healing and love back to you. It gives me great joy to serve and to know that something I have said has helped someone in some way, brought a little more light to a world which badly needs it.

Many blessings and much love to you on this incredible journey we call life.


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Our world has increasingly become fear-based, but when we don’t understand the sources of this fear...[continued]