Data and Privacy Agreement

By using this website and/or my other services, you are agreeing to my Data and Privacy Agreement.

(Last updated: 5/25/2018)

Reason for this Data and Privacy Agreement

Governments around the world are increasingly concerned about protecting the privacy and security of their citizens, and this agreement is an effort to maintain transparency and comply with any policies and jurisdictions that this website and my other offerings fall within.

Primarily, governments are concerned with identifiable personal data. For those who are simply passive readers of this website, I have no identifiable personal data of which I am aware. I do use web tools to track site usage metrics to support my work. However, none of them give me any identifiable personal data. It’s all non-identifiable/anonymous.

Additionally, at NO TIME do I sell personal data that is given to me.

Personal Data Definition

What is personal data? Here is a definition from the European Union.

“[A]n identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location number, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.”

This definition can be found under Article 4 in the below link, and it is the first definition:

For a longer definition, you can review this link:

Other than the IP address and the information cookies track, this site does not collect any of the above personal information for those who ONLY read the blog posts.

Passive Data Collection

Part of running this website involves getting data on what pages are read, slow loading pages, what websites people come from, and other important data metrics that help me to run the business and better support people around the world. At this time, Google Analytics is the main data tracking tool that I use. It offers me only non-identifiable data, thereby safeguarding user privacy. The blog publishing platform I use is Blogger, and it offers minimal non-identifiable data on site usage.


Cookies used on this site are part of making this site work.

None of the cookies are part of me actively advertising third-party services.

Google Analytics

Run by Google, this tool is afforded the benefits of a robust Google data and security protection.

Google Analytics is set to store user and event data for 26 months before deleting it.

For more information about how Google Analytics is protected and what info is gathered, you can read this link:

This is Google’s general privacy statement:

This is the blog publishing platform that I use. It is also owned by Google, governed by the same policies, and benefits from Google’s web security, as far as I understand.

New Blog Post Email Notifications
When someone subscribes, they are added to a list of people who are emailed when a new blog post is published.
The list is managed by Feedburner, which is a Google product. Google’s main privacy policy can be found on this link:

People can unsubscribe on their own to remove their email from the list at any time.

Blog Commenting

Any comments put on this blog are public. If a user wants to remove them, they have the ability to do so. Comments remain on the blog for the existence of the blog. I generally do not remove legitimate comments.

Comments that are deemed to be harassment, copyright infringement, spam, hate speech, or otherwise inappropriate will be removed.

Correspondence and Records

Emails sent to me via my contact form or an email address give me access to a person’s email address. Often, I’m given a name, but sometimes, people don’t even give me that. The Blogger Contact form doesn’t offer any further information.

What additional data people choose to divulge in their emails is entirely at their discretion, and it is kept confidential.

I keep almost all correspondence as part of recordkeeping. I may delete duplicate emails, spam emails, unsolicited business requests, and other messages at my discretion.


I have a profile (The Divine Speaks) where I post publicly and a page where I share as well. Facebook offers some minimal, non-identifiable data concerning the usage of my page:

Full information about privacy on Facebook, you can read this link:


I occasionally advertise on Facebook and Google AdWords. To my best knowledge, I have only anonymous/non-identifiable data from these avenues of interaction.

I will do my best to comply with data and privacy standards for any advertising I do on these and any other sites in the future.

Best Effort

I always intend to offer my best efforts in maintaining data and privacy protection. However, technology is constantly changing, so I can’t be perfect. Even organizations with hundreds of security professionals can have data breaches. But I give my promise to do my best in maintaining the security and privacy standards set forth in this document and required of me by law. I also will offer my best effort for any future services that get used or services in use that aren’t explicitly mentioned to maintain appropriate security and privacy.

Unintentional Omissions

No statement or agreement can account for any and every possible issue. Thus, if there are omissions, they are unintentional, and significant security and privacy concerns will be fixed once I know about them.

If there is an issue that has been omitted, please contact me through my contact form:


By using this website, you indemnify Lawrence Doochin of any possible wrong-doing regarding personal data.

Questions and Concerns

If someone has any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact me through the contact form.

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